Administration Team

The admin sub-team keeps our team running smoothly; they organize meetings, events and travel plans for competition. They are also responsible for all of our funding and sponsor relations.

Admin Members

Mechanical Team

The mechanical team takes care of designing, machining and constructing the robot. They design the drive-train to make sure that the robot’s had enough power to make it up hills and across tricky terrain. They also design the chassis to hold the computer and the robot’s many sensors. Lots of SolidWorks and machining involved!

Mechanical Members

Software team

This is our biggest sub-team with the most amount of work. The software team writes code to take in information about the robot’s surroundings and makes decisions about where the to go next. If you are interested in working in pathfinding, mapping, computer vision, networking or systems integration, software has projects for you!

Software Members

Our Star Robots

These are our significant others on Saturdays.

Legacy Robots