The Future Is Autonomous.

Recruitment Process

Our main recruitment season is at the beginning of September. We run booths on Imagine Day and host an orientation session on the first Saturday of the school year. This year's will be September 10th, 2016 at 10am, in room 102 of the Engineering Design Center. If you can't make it, the signup form for interviews will open here on September 10th. During this time you can meet our current team members, see our robot in live action, and learn more about the team.

All students interested in joining the team are required to attend an interview, and those interested in joining the software sub-team are required to complete the software challenge.
All software members are also required to go through an interview, which can be scheduled by emailing us at

If you are interested in joining the administrative or mechanical teams, please send us an email and we will arrange an interview time for you.

You can check out our facebook page for information regarding upcoming recruitment events at the beginning of September.

The sub-teams


The admin sub-team keeps our team running smoothly; they organize meetings, events and travel plans for competition. They are also responsible for all of our funding and sponsor relations.
If you are interested in gaining some communications skills, enjoy writing and organizing, this is the team for you!

The admin team is interested in taking on members who are experienced with web design, Photoshop, Publisher etc.

Recruitment status: Closed
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Imagine day picture 2

This is our biggest sub-team with the most amount of work. The software team writes code to take in information about the robot’s surroundings and makes decisions about where the to go next. If you are interested in working in pathfinding, mapping, computer vision, networking or systems integration, software has projects for you!
Knowledge of C++, Python, Linux, and ROS is an asset, but not required.
While recruitment status is open, we ask that you complete our challenge to participate in our interview.

Recruitment status: Closed


The mechanical team takes care of designing, machining and constructing the robot. They design the drive-train to make sure that the robot’s had enough power to make it up hills and across tricky terrain. They also design the chassis to hold the computer and the robot’s many sensors. Lots of SolidWorks and machining involved!

Recruitment status: Closed
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Frequently asked Questions

Q: I have no experience with anything, will I be able to make it onto the team?

A: Yes! But you will need to attend an interview and complete the software challenge if you want to join the software team. (You can complete the software challenge in your own time and get help from our current members during our info session)

Q: I have missed the Orientation Meeting, can I still join?

A: Check this page, we will update it with the status of which teams are still accepting members.

Q: I don’t know which sub-team I want to join, what do I do?

A: Pick one sub-team that sounds interesting to you and go with it. We are somewhat flexible with our members transferring between teams, so if you don’t like it you can transfer. Also try talking to some of our current members about the different sub-teams you are interested in.

Q: I am not in Engineering, can I still join the team?

A: Yes, we accept students from all faculties, all you need is a keen interest in robotics and a keen desire to learn!